Going digital: the egg-logger project

One of our speakers is Kevin Varekamp. He graduated from Aeres Barneveld in 2019 where he spent a lot of his spare time assisting on the waterfowl department as a student. This fuelled his interest in ducks and got him involved with the Egg-logger project. Kevin currently works as a zookeeper in the Netherlands and is an avid birdwatcher with a soft spot for waterfowl.

The Egg-logger project has been developed as a collaboration between Aeres MBO Barneveld and GNC Solutions and has potential for valuable research. With capabilities to measure the temperature and rotation of eggs within the nests of birds it can give important insight in the incubation tactics of various species. The future possibilities of this project are wide open and may be able to play an important role in conservation and the development of artificial incubating strategies. Looking back at earlier results, Kevin will discuss what the Egg-logger can mean to you.

Kevin Varekamp working with an Argus pheasant, at Artis Zoo, Amsterdam.

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