Frequently Asked Questions + Answers

About WCW and its audience

Q: What can I learn at the Waterfowl Conservation Workshop (WCW)?
A: WCW provides a resource from which aviculturists can draw knowledge and information about waterfowl husbandry and breeding, conservation, research, veterinary care, and other relevant topics.

Q: Who is this workshop for?
A: WCW is an event for:
– zoo and wildlife professionals
– private hobby breeders (aviculturists)
all others being interested in waterfowl

Q: Where do the participants come from?
A: We expect the attendees to be a very international audience. In the past (2016, 2018, 2020), attendees came from the USA, Canada, UK, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Brazil, which makes a great opportunity for networking too!

Q: What is the location of the Waterfowl Conservation Workshop 2023?
A: The Waterfowl Conservation Workshop 2023 from October 25-29 will be hosted in Seattle, Washington, USA in partnership with Woodland Park Zoo. Pre and Post conference locations will differ in location. More details can be found here.

Q: Are the WCW speaker sessions and workshops in English?
A: Yes, because of the international audience, all sessions are in English.

Q: Will I receive handouts of the sessions?
A: Yes, attendees will receive handouts of all sessions.

Registration and tickets

Q: Where can I buy tickets for this great event?
A: You can buy your tickets at Ticketpoint (click here), which is the official supplier of tickets.

Q: Can I buy tickets for only one day?
A: No, this event is a three-day seminar. Every day is different, including different speaker sessions, different hands-on workshops and different tours.

Q: Are there stipends available, and how do they work?
A: Thanks to our generous sponsors, financial assistance is available to help eligible attendees cover travel expenses for the 2020 Waterfowl Conservation Workshop. Click here for more information and application form.

Travel and accommodations

Q: What is the nearest airport to WCW?
A: The nearest international airport to the workshop is Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA).

Q: Can you recommend a hotel to stay at?
A: Yes, good group rates for double-occupancy rooms have been arranged at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Seattle North Lynnwood. More info can be found here.

Q: How to reach Embassy Suites, from Seattle-Tacoma International Aiprot, by public transport?
A: Check out SoundTransit for schedules and options for public transport to the hotel, they offer train and bus options. As well, you can get a taxi or ride-hailing service from the airport to the hotel.

committee and Contact details

Q: Who is organizing the Waterfowl Conservation Workshop 2023?
A: WCW 2023 is being organized by an excellent and passionate group of volunteers who are excited to develop a superb conference and educational opportunity! The committee members for WCW 2023 are Clayton Botkin, Matthew Smith, Shelan Sekora, Arnold Schouten, Maynard Axelson, Morag Jones, Jan Harteman, Joanna Klass, and Emily Simmons.

Q: Can I get in contact with the organizing team for other questions?
A: Yes, you can send your questions to Clayton Botkin, claytonbotkin@hotmail.com