WCW 2023

Stay tuned for the announcement of the 2023 WCW sponsors!

If you or your organization would be interested in sponsoring the 2023 Waterfowl Conservation Workshop, please consider the sponsorship levels found below and contact Clayton Botkin. Thank you for your consideration!

WCW 2020

Thanks to the sponsors, financial assistance is available to help eligible attendees cover travel expenses for the 2020 Waterfowl Conservation Workshop! 


logo kasper faunafood kasper faunafood
Under the trademark Kasper Faunafood, Arie Blok Pet Food develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of high quality products for pets, hobby and exotic animals. Not only many hobbyists but also professional users like zoos and breeders achieve the best results with Kasper Faunafood. There is a range of waterfowl feeds based on the nutritional needs of the animals during the various stages of their development that will promote good rearing and feather production provided it is properly applied.  www.kasperfaunafood.nl


logo nettenlijn
Nettenlijn supplies nets for aviaries. These birdnets are made from longlasting UV stabilized polyethylene for outdoor use. Zoos and birdparks all over the world use our nets, as well as private aviculturists. A variety of mesh sizes are available, and differrent yarn strengths. We make them to any size you need. www.nettenlijn.com

Wisbroek feed is high-quality bird feed for special birds. Our feed is developed in
collaboration with biologists, nutritionists, zoos and other professionals. All with the
utmost care and taking into account the specific needs of each specie.
It is very important that all birds are provided with an optimal high-quality diet that is
tailored to the animal, and with a composition that does not fluctuate.

Wisbroek has its own Research & Development Center with high-quality facilities. The first
initial tests always take place at Wisbroek. Together with nutritionists and experts, research
is being conducted to bring feed to a balanced level as this is a basis for animal health.
New feed is always tested at Wisbroek for at least 1 year before delivery to market.
In this leaflet you will find general information and nutritional advice from our feeders. For a
complete overview, please refer to our website: www.wisbroek.com 

Wisbroek is a young and dynamic organisation, supported by a team of enthusiastic people
with very diverse education and interests. All of them attach great importance to animal
welfare, increasing the number of these birds and the survival of these species.

Aviornis  International Netherlands gathers aviculturists who are occupied in preserving a wide variety of captive bred birds. The Aviornis International magazine is published by six chapters in Europe, which helps to provide two of the main aims of Aviornis – to promote sound husbandry through captive breeding and to have closer co-operation between international breeders to promote their interests. www.aviornis.nl

logo ouwehand
In a world in which the relationship between man and animal is under pressure, Ouwehands Zoo wants to encourage admiration for nature, to encourage people to think and act, and to develop into a leading organisation in this field. Ouwehands Zoo aspires to contribute species conservation, nature conservation, nature conservation education and research. www.ouwehand.nl

logo zoo-logistics
With ZooLogistics as your partner, the air transport of your exotic animal is in capable and reliable hands. Our experts have many years of experience in arranging air travel for special animals to the full satisfaction of our clients. We have an excellent reputation at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands thanks to our great network at Customs, the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA), border inspection posts, handlers and airlines.

logo kiezebrink
Kiezebrink is producer and wholesaler of a wide variety of animal foods including foods for birds of prey, reptiles, zoo animals, dogs and cats. We supply our products to individuals, wholesalers, zoos, animal sanctuaries and various distributors around Europe.