Sponsorship Opportunities

Want to support the future of waterfowl conservation?

With the next Waterfowl Conservation Workshop coming up in Fall 2023, on October 25-29, there is an opportunity for you or your organization to support the future of waterfowl conservation!

The organizing committee is looking for sponsorships of various levels to support putting this workshop on and delivering an exceptional workshop for those who attend. With each sponsorship received for this workshop, it makes cutting-edge waterfowl conservation training and education more accessible for enthusiasts and professionals around the world.

For instance, sponsorships will allow the workshop registration fee be lowered for attendees, as the costs associated with delivering a superior, global waterfowl conservation workshop will be offset. Our goal is to make this conference as accessible as possible to a range of professionals and enthusiasts, while also maintaining the high calibre of training and education this workshop is known for!

For your consideration, please see below the sponsorship levels offered for the workshop and how the workshop can recognize and support your organization.

If you are interested in contributing to the upcoming Waterfowl Conservation Workshop, please contact Clayton Botkin, IWWA President, at claytonbotkin@hotmail.com.

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