October 25-29, 2023

The Waterfowl Conservation Workshop is a professional development and learning opportunity for zoo and wildlife professionals and students, as well as dedicated private aviculturists managing their own waterfowl aviaries, but also other interested people. The workshop provides a unique forum for the discussion of waterfowl husbandry, conservation, research, veterinary care, and other relevant topics.

The next conference is being planned for October, 2023 in Seattle, WA.  The primary conference will be held at the Woodland Park Zoo, and plans are underway to offer a pre- and post-conference tour to visit other zoological and avicultural collections in the surrounding area.

WCW 2020 was held in the Netherlands, at the campus of Aeres MBO Barneveld and at Ouwehands Zoo. WCW 2020 included speaker sessions and hands-on workshops in Barneveld and a tour at Ouwehands Zoo. A post-conference wild goose safari was offered to participants following the classroom sessions.

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